10 Ways a Facebook Page Will Benefit Your Blog

With over one billion members, Facebook is one of the largest communities worldwide.  Originally it was built for college students to interact with each other but quickly became an outlet for businesses to have a 2-way conversation with their customers through Facebook pages.  Blog owners have adapted Facebook pages as a way to build a loyal following of readers, share their posts and understand what their readers want in future articles.

If you’re still on the fence about creating a Facebook page for your blog, here are 10 ways having one can give your blog a boost.

A Facebook page for your blog can:

1. Drive more traffic to your posts

Having a Facebook page for your blog offers an outlet for you to market your posts after you hit publish.  Even if your readers are subscribed to your RSS feed and receive an alert after you add new content to your blog, sharing your content on Facebook gives your audience an easy way to click ‘Share’ and help your content spread across the Internet.

2. Build your subscribers

Email marketing gives you a way to communicate easily and cost-efficiently with your readers.  Facebook apps for popular email marketing services, like Aweber and Constant Contact, offer a way to promote your mailing list to your Facebook fans.

3. Sell more of your products or services

After you write your own eBook or develop a service to sell, your Facebook page becomes a seamless outlet to promote it.

4. Announce special offers, promotions and giveaways

Just like your products or services, a Facebook page can also be used to share any special offers, promotions or product giveaways that you may be running on your blog.

5. Announce events like your blog anniversary or participation in a blog conference

Your readers want to know what you’re up to whether it’s celebrating the first (or tenth) anniversary of your blog or if you’ll be attending a blogging conference next week.  A Facebook page offers a way to easily share this information with them.

6. Build your credibility in the gluten free world

Having your own Facebook following puts you in a position to make waves in the gluten free world.  You’ve built an audience of fans who are looking to you to share information whether that means a new recipe they can make for their family this weekend or a review of a local restaurant that offers a gluten free menu to changes in gluten free product labeling.  They are looking to you to keep them up-to-date on what is happening in the gluten free world.

7. Improve your relationship with your blog readers

Depending on the style and tone of your blog, a Facebook page can provide an outlet for you improve your relationship with your readers beyond words.  Your readers want to know who you are and what you like to do (beyond blogging, of course).  You can share photos of your life with your readers to give them a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into your gluten free world.  This helps you show there is a person behind the words on your blog.

8. Get feedback from your readers through the Polls

One way that you can really benefit from having a Facebook page is to utilize the ‘Poll’ option when you are writing a status update.  You can use this feature to find out more about your readers, what else they want to see in your blog and insight into the type of information they would even be willing to pay for.

9. Promote your product reviews or giveaways to gain additional exposure for your sponsors

As you move to the next level in blogging by partnering with brands on product reviews and giveaways, the brand reps will want to see that you are actively promoting their products to your readers – especially if you are hosting a giveaway.  Having a Facebook page gives you an additional forum to promote your product reviews and giveaways.  More entrants into your giveaways will lead to more and more partnerships to develop along the way.

10. Improve your SEO efforts through social backlinks

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for attracting more readers to your blog.  When you post your content on Facebook, your fans will interact with it by liking, commenting or sharing it.  This shows search engines like Google that your content is helpful and will increase your search engine rankings.

Start a Facebook page for your blog already

If you find just one way that your blog can benefit from having a Facebook page in the above list, then don’t wait any longer.  Start building your Facebook page today and commit to updating it often.

Do you have a Facebook page dedicated to your blog?  How does it fit into your blog marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments below.