3 Steps to a More Effective Press Release for Your Blog

Writing a press release can seem daunting to most gluten free bloggers, but it’s also one of the most important ways to share new information about your blog.   If written correctly, a press release can really grow legs, causing your blog to gain a lot of publicity (and a lot of traffic).  Carefully planning the execution of your press release can help make it easy for media outlets to pick up the story and cover your blog.  When it comes to writing a press release for your website, there are three important steps to writing an effective press release.  Here they are:

1. Set an Objective

A press release can serve a range of business objectives from introducing a new product to increasing your website SEO by building quality backlinks.  Setting the main objective of your press release will determine how you write it.  Are you focusing on announcing your new gluten free blog, or are you shaping your words to include valuable keywords that you want associated with your business to show up in search engines?

2. Answer the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

If you’ll be pitching your press release to journalists, other bloggers or even simply sending it out over the news wire, there are six important questions to answer: who, what, where, when, why and how.  These are the top news hooks to your press release, and they will determine whether or not your news is spread by the media.  Decide which one of the six questions has the most intriguing answer and include it at the beginning of your press release.

3. Edit, Edit and Edit

The final step to an effective press release is the proofreading and editing process.  If a journalist sees an error in your press release, chances are high they will toss it directly in the trash can without a second thought.  They receive far too much information every day and need a system for weeding out the good materials.  For them, your grammatical mistakes are the easiest way to justify deleting your press release before actually reading it.  Read your press release.  Then, read it out loud.  Next, send it to a friend or advisor for their review.  You should only consider sending your written press release to a journalist or media outlet after you’ve completed the entire editing process.

Carefully executing these three main steps when writing your press release can’t guarantee media placement for your blog, but it can position you and your website as a valuable resource for journalists in the future.  They will notice the time you took to make their job easier by providing the relevant information in an easy-to-read format without any spelling or grammatical errors.

Have you ever written a press release and sent it over the wire for your gluten free blog?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below!